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Here I reimagine the traditional and breathe new life into forgotten kitchen crafts, making luxury versions of traditional culinary fare that intentionally focus on the accidentally or incidentally sustainable recipes and methods of previous generations. Food has for me, as for so many people, always been incredibly important. It is such a driving force in the world, something that both symbolises and shapes our culture and environment. It allows us to connect with each other as well as with our past. It is a means of shared experience like no other. Food has the power to make us feel cared for, to envelope us in nostalgia or to inspire new creativity. So much human kindness can be shown in the act of giving and sharing food. Yet, at the same time, intensive food production and the constant desire for novel and exotic foods is having an enormously detrimental effect on the planet, and the lives of so many individuals at points throughout food processing chains. I founded this business with sustainability and empathy in mind; in particular the reduction of food waste, plastic waste and food miles and the recognition of the value of food. This is a plastic free business. My products come in glass or recycled paper and the labels use a natural glue and vegetable ink. All my packaging is reusable and recyclable or biodegradable. I source all of my ingredients from independent environmentally conscious suppliers on Jersey who do not use any plastic packaging. As well as foraging and grown my own fruits and herbs, much of the fresh produce that I use is surplus fruit and veg that would otherwise be left to rot.

I  hope to reclaim some of the knowledge of kitchen crafts, community, and basic self-sufficiency that are slipping from collective memory. I invite you to follow along to join in the journey to rediscover these skills and become a little more conscious and sustainable; I encourage you to enjoy food that make you and the planet feel cared for.

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