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Looking for a refreshing and citrusy drink? Look no further than our Lemon & Blush Orange Cordial! Made with the perfect blend of zesty lemons and sweet blush oranges, this cordial is the perfect base for a variety of refreshing beverages. Whether you're in the mood for a classic lemonade, a fruity mocktail, or a creative cocktail, this cordial is the ideal ingredient to elevate your drink. Made with natural ingredients and no artificial flavors, our Lemon & Blush Orange Cordial is a must-have for any beverage menu. Add a splash of summer to your drinks with our delicious and versatile cordial.This refreshing beverage is the ideal choice for non-alcoholic options, perfect for a hot summer's day or as a zesty alternative to traditional soft drinks. Crafted with natural ingredients, our Lemon & Blush Orange Cordial is free from artificial flavors and preservatives, providing a pure and authentic taste. Add a splash of this delicious cordial to sparkling water for a fizzy and invigorating beverage.

Lemon & Blush Orange Cordial

  • Lemons, Blush Oranges, Sugar, Water, Citric Acid.

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